Since 1976 FAIT Group SPA produces and distributes in Italy, Europe and USA components and systems for linear motion, bearings and power transmission. FAIT works through an integrated/combined network of manufacturing and commercial partners, basing the relationship with customers on tailored supplies, efficient technical service and research of innovative solutions. Continuous investments in personnel, facilities and means of production provide an accurate, prompt, high quality assistance to customers.

Commercial and technical agreements with global leading producers of linear motion systems, bearings and power transmission enable us to manage the most complex market requests. The distribution network in Italy and abroad guarantees a high level technical and commercial assistance that makes FAIT Group the most reliable partner for all need.

FAIT Group is really unique: assistance, customer care and innovation. Product and service quality are the guidelines that make the Group stand out as business partner to cooperate for reliability and development of new projects.
FAIT Group is an Italian company that produces and distributes on national territory, Europe and worldwide components and systems for linear motion, bearings and power transmission. The innovative technical solutions proposed to manufacture specific products, combined with customers' needs, enable us to produce machines with the best performances, making us a reference partner on national markets.
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Lotta al Covid-19

Abbiamo dato il massimo per offrirvi tutti i nostri servizi fino a quando ci è stato concesso. La nostra Azienda osserverà come richiesto un periodo di chiusura dal 26/03/2020 al 03/04/2020 compresi

ITMA 2019

We will attend at ITMA 2019 and this year it will be hosted in Fira of Barcelona, Spain (20th-26th June)