Rollmax, Rollflat, Rolltense and Expander are spreading rollers entirely conceived and produced in FAIT Group. Each system has been specially designed in order to offer particular solutions for each type of application, for speed, environment and type of material. Rollflat is a spreading roller for the textile, tanning, paper, plastic film, non-woven and technical fabrics sectors. The product consists of a “bird-wing” rope profile and a dynamic regulation control system and can be equipped with fixed or variable inclination heads. By acting on an adjustment system of each head with variable inclination, it is possible to increase or decrease the tension of the special elastic profile, improving the action on the treated material.
Rollmax spreader rollers are designed and manufactured to solve the problem of creases on fabrics, plastic films and paper. The operating principle is characterized by the use of rubberized discs, which, due to a patented system, can rotate independently and be tilted by the operator in order to obtain the maximum relaxing effect of the material wrapped over. They are available in diameters 45, 65, 105, 125, 130, 158 mm. Solutions available in chemically aggressive environments or in the presence of water. Easy installation, high customization, innovation.