FAIT Group is equipped with modern and performing CNC machinery, periodically checked and maintained, and with the latest generation technology. The production capacity is combined with a lean and flexible organizational system, which, together with a strong interrelation and cooperation between the departments, including production and assembly, allows us to best meet the needs of the market.

The departments – technical & design, production and sales – have adapted in order to minimize the complexity of operations, working according to the cardinal principle of timely satisfaction of the customer and his needs. All the departments, from the Technical Office to the Commercial one, passing through the Front Office and the fitters, contribute with dynamism and synergy to the achievement of results.

FAIT Group’s Technical Department is the cornerstone of the company. In fact, this is the place and environment where the customer’s requests and needs are transferred from the sales department, and where projects come to life which then translate into products and applications. It is the dialogue, the flexibility between the various components and the continuous search for improvements, built on customer feedback, that inspire FAIT’s development and design work.

FAIT Group uses the production systems and technologies of industry 4.0 and an approach based on the Lean system in order to optimize working conditions, increase plant productivity and product quality.

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system allows to monitor, schedule and optimize production progress, while the Kanban operating method, an element of the Just-in-time ecosystem, is present on all lines. This tool is also used for packaging materials, to further decrease the time between the completion of the order and its shipment.