FAIT Group presents Spirox, the stainless steel spiral roller used for the opening phase in several applications in the textile industry: finishing processes, woven fabric, non-woven, knitwear. Spirox can be used also within a wet environment and in the presence of high temperatures and steam. The pipe and spiral’s profiles are polished and it features […]

FAIT Group’s organization Fait Group provides the development of linear systems and customized structures, thanks to: cutting-edge machinery; last generation software; lean and completely traceable production processes; highly-qualified human resources The ceaseless communication between the Technical Department and the Production departments guarantees the quality of the finished product and, more particularly, the enhancement of processes. […]

Achieving excellence in manufacturing depends on the rationalisation of operations in the manufacturing plant. FAIT Group adopts a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software in order to monitor, schedule and optimize the production. This system allows to obtain: exhaustive data collection and processing; efficient production control; product traceability; quality control but, above all, it allows to […]